Business Partners

International Markets

In our aim to diversify our presence in the international marketplace, we are currently established in two countries and planning a third manufacturing plant in the next 5 years. We believe in the power of manufacturing products around the globe in contrast to selling them, and that shapes our policy to find locations with investment potential and lunch a project to setup and establish a production facility that represent a hub for Plastimed products.
Currently we have customer relations and product sales in the following countries marked on the below map

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Supply Chain and Purchasing

As diverse as our products, our supply chain is just as diverse and complex. Our different plants have different procurement which needs to be planned in parallel to ensure uninterrupted operation, and compliance with our quality standards.
Based on these requirements, and in accordance with our quality policy, we opt to cultivate business cooperation with our suppliers over long-term partnerships. These relationships are based on a mutually agreed understanding of the following principles:

  • Maintain honest and transparent communication throughout business transactions

  • Comply with legal regulations and signed agreements

  • Avoid actions that may cause harm to the environment


Supplier selection and qualification is the most significant factor in our supply chain and several criteria needs to be met and verified in order to qualify a company or a manufacturer as a source for our raw materials. Such criteria include:

  • financial performance

  • Experience

  • Technical qualification

  • Positive background in the sector and assessment results from the previous years which include:

    • Quality of product/service

    • Timely and complete delivery/service

    • Compliance with legislations

    • Response to complaints

    • Readiness for improvement

Our quality department has an approved supplier list and are continuously monitoring and auditing these suppliers to make sure they remain a match for our criteria, and supply us with the product/service needed to achieve our quality objectives.

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