Production Facilities

Plastimed has two production facilities, both approved by national authorities in Lebanon and Iraq. Our manufacturing facilities comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards with state-of-the-art equipment and automation using the latest technology ensure consistently high production quality.


Opened in 1990, our plant in Tyr produces medical grade empty Polypropylene (PP) bags and their connectors and stoppers. Our production lines integrate a series of manufacturing steps that offer quality products which meet the very precise demands of the pharmaceutical industry.
With proven record of quality and customer satisfaction, our markets include several countries in the MENA region including our native market, Lebanon.
In harmony with our values, TYR production plant is fully automated throughout its production steps. In addition, rigorous quality control measures ensure compliance with our customers requirement and ISO 15747 testing norms

  • Fully automated Manufacturing process

  • Dedicated quality control and R&D Laboratory

  • Production capacity up to 50 million pcs/year

  • Occupying 12000 m2 of GMP and ISO compliant facilities



Our newly open plant in the heart of Iraq, with productivity reaching 24 million pcs of parenteral IV injections per year. Occupying 8000 m2 building, it includes a GMP certified manufacturing process designed and validated in accordance with the latest European norms for Sterile Pharmaceutical Industry.
It also includes state-of-the-art laboratories, capable of performing both analytical and microbiological quality control tests ensuring the utmost confidence in the safety and effectiveness of our products.
With Iraqi market as main target of the plant, we are also considering export to neighboring countries such as Armenia, Uzbakistan, and Kazakhstan.

  • Complete portfolio of most important large and small volume parenterals

  • State of the art quality control and R&D Laboratories

  • Production capacity up to 24 million pcs/year

  • GMP certified cleanrooms and production machines

  • Experienced staff with multidisciplinary background and GMP oriented mindset

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